About myself


My name is
Eleonora D’Auria

  • I am from Argentina
  • I am a teacher who graduated in Literature
  • I studied at the Universidad Nacional in Mar del Plata (Argentina)
  • I pursued postgraduate studies in Germany and Spain.
  • I have 27 years’ experience as a teacher.
  • I have been and I am a University lecturer (in Argentina and Germany)
  • I have worked in schools at several Educational levels (in Argentina)
  • I have worked in integrated schools (IGS) and Gymnasium (in Germany)
  • I train teachers and I supervise the updating of ELE (Español Lengua Extranjera) teaching methods.
  • I am an examiner for DELE y Unicert certifications.
  • I have extensive experience with online classes, either individual and for small and big groups.
Eleonora_D_Auria_Chi sono