Argentinian Spanish

Course of Rioplatense Spanish and Argentinian culture. I come from Argentina and can teach you anything you need to communicate in Argentina and understand our language and cultural traditions.

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Spanish for Business

Do you work in the financial field and you need to speak Spanish?
I specialized in EFE (Español de las Finanzas) and can help you to acquire effective communication skills for your work.

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Intensive classes

Would you like to learn Spanish quickly? Are you planning a trip to Spain or Latin America? With my intensive classes you can rapidly learn to communicate and enjoy speaking a new language. Classes are arranged with clear learning objectives, so as to allow you to communicate. It is worth a try!

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Individual Classes

Classes to learn Spanish suited to your preferences, schedule and needs

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Preparation for DELE exams

Do you want to well prepare for a DELE, SIELE or other exams?
To prepare for an exam can be enjoyable and very productive. This is your course!

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Conversation classes

Conversation classes to improve your spoken language and learn while talking about Hispanic culture, movies, food, literature, news, and much more.

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