Individual Classes

  • First online or phone interview (no charge), so as to get to know your level, aims and needs.
  • I suggest classes that are best suited to your interests. According to your preferences, we will include conversation, grammar and cultural contents (food/movies/music/tv series…), literature, news, and an update on the topics you need to tackle.
  • It is possible to use a handbook, if it is the best tool for you. We will decide during our interview or after the first class.
  • After each class you will find exercises available online 24/7. They are interactive exercises that you can do from your mobile phone, tablet, or pc.
    You can also do the exercises if you have little time, as each one of them takes a few minutes. In this way, you can practise a little every day and make the most of your learning.
  • Moreover, after each class, exercises in traditional formats will be made available (pdf files, Word documents, etc.) for you to practise and explore topics in depth.