Preparation for DELE exams

  • First online or phone interview (no charge), so as to get to know your level, aims and needs.
  • The working plan is tailor-made. Are there topics you need to explore in depth or to get an update on? We will tackle them.
  • During our classes we will practise with sample exercises for each language skill (listening, reading, speaking, writing).
  • You will learn strategies to do any type of exercises and use your time well during your exams.
  • We will practise with sample exercises until you feel confident, so that you can achieve the best outcome from your learning process and be successful at your exams.
  • You will write texts and we will work together to hone your writing skills.
  • We will also work on spoken language through targeted exercises.
  • You will receive online exercises I devised according to your needs. You can practise with these exercises on your tablet, mobile phone or pc 24/7.